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A good lawn does not happen by chance. It is a combination of deliberate input coupled with the right ingredients. Lawn grass will easily lose its strength and vigor without proper care. Lawn fertilization provides thick, green and vibrant grass. Grass that does not have the required minerals to thrive will succumb to the summer heat fast. It will often turn yellow and thin out. Weeds will also easily crop up when the grass is weak overpowering what should be a green carpet.

What is Used

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Lawn fertilizer is often a combination of nitrogen, phosphate, and potash. These three elements are balanced to provide the grass with the best chance to overcome harsh conditions. Nitrogen works the leaves to provide a rich green flush while the phosphates and potash enrich the roots for better anchorage and absorption of plant food.

It is important however that you choose the right kind of lawn fertilizer. Fertilizers come designed for particular soils. Soil may be alkaline or acidic in nature. Lawn fertilizer that is alkaline in nature will be perfect for acidic soil. Acidic fertilizers will work well on alkaline soils.