Chinch Bug DamageChinch Bugs

Chinch Bugs are not as common as some other turf-feeding insects such as grubs or sod webworms, but left unidentified and untreated they can devastate a lawn very quickly. The pests are so small and inconspicuous that they can destroy a lawn right beneath your eyes without being noticed. Chinch bugs cluster in lawns down among grass blades near the crowns of the grass plants and suck juices from their tissues. Their feeding causes grass to appear yellowish and sometimes stains the grass red. These bugs thrive in hot, dry weather, becoming active when temperatures are in the high 70s, and causing most of their damage from August to September, when Northern grasses are stressed from the summer heat. Lower than average temperatures plus moisture retards chinch bug activity. Topical insecticides, combined with regular monitoring are needed to properly control them.