Fairy Ring Lawn DiseaseFairy Ring

Fairy Ring—is caused by a number of species of mushroom-forming fungi. Visible signs of fairy ring disease are circular or semi-circular rings, usually darker in color than that of the surrounding turfgrass, which form in the turf and may or may not produce mushrooms within those rings. These rings can range in size from a few inches up to many feet in diameter. Excessive thatch and turfgrass growing in low fertility soils with insufficient irrigation appears to suffer more damage from fairy rings than turfgrass with adequate fertility and irrigation. Weeds will commonly invade infested areas. A turfgrass management program that provides proper fertilization and irrigation along with regular dethatching of the turfgrass will help prevent the development of this disease. Fungicide treatment or soil removal may be necessary if fairy ring becomes a problem. NOTE: The presence of mushrooms alone does not mean that your lawn has fairy ring disease (please see Mushroom photo below)