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Lawn fertilization is a vital part of maintaining a healthy lawn. Most modern fertilizer blends contain major and minor nutrients and will help you avoid introducing a problem to your lawn. The type of grass, type of soil, age of the lawn, weather conditions and watering frequency, will determine the rate and timing of fertilizer applications. In general you will need to apply 4 pounds of nitrogen per thousand square feet or lawn per year. A healthy lawn contributes to your property value and the appearance of your surroundings. It provides a natural, safe surface where your family can play and relax. A beautiful lawn doesn’t just happen by itself it needs to be fertilized.

Benefits of fertilizing your lawn

Strengthen your grass root system

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Just like you need specific foods to keep your body healthy, your lawn needs fertilization to help it grow thick and strong. Fertilization gives your lawn the nutrients it needs so that it’s healthy from the roots up.

Always read the instructions on the bag carefully before commencing fertilization. Particular products may not suit your particular type of grass. Always follow directions explicitly, concerning how much to apply, how often they should be applied, and under what conditions they should be applied.

Keep weeds at bay

Nothing makes a lawn unsightly or feeling rough quite like scratchy, patchy weeds. However, lawn fertilizing helps prevent these weeds from growing in the first place! That way, your lawn can look great, and you avoid the hassle of getting rid of weeds after they’ve taken root.

Deter pests from making your lawn their home

Grubs, beetles, borers, and other insects love to dig into your lawn and set up camp. Your best first move for keeping such pests off your lawn is having a healthy lawn, which includes fertilization treatments formulated for your lawn’s needs.