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For home owners the goal is to have a lush and inviting lawn, but to keep it looking its best, it needs your help. Soil supplies nutrients to your grass but most soils are not able to provide all the nutrients needed for the growing season. In order to have a healthy and actively growing lawn, it needs proper lawn fertilization. It helps to keep your lawn healthy by promoting leaf and root growth, aids in pest damage, and reducing and controlling weeds. Additionally, it also replaces nutrients lost to strain and volatilization.

How to choose a lawn fertilizer

It is easy to have a healthy green lawn by choosing the right food or fertilizer. In choosing the right type of fertilizer you need to understand where you live, what type of grass you have and the season. Here are some basic steps to help you in fertilizing your lawn and keeping it healthy.

Identify grass type – there are two types of grass cool or warm season grass. Warm season grass turns brown after the first frost while cool season grass will stay in season all year long but will not survive the warm season. Identify which type of grass grows well and how you can manage it.


Soil test – A soil test determines the pH of your lawn soil. Acidity and alkalinity of the soil determines the ability of the grass to use ingredients in the fertilizer. Consequently determining which fertilizer is good for your soil.

Lawn Size – The amount of fertilizer needed for your lawn depends on its size. Most fertilizers are sold according to the square footage, something that is well written on the fertilizer package. Get the lawn size first before getting into buying the fertilizer.

Fertilize your lawn; keep it healthy for years to come following the above steps. A good looking well maintained lawn is an investment that even your family will get to enjoy.