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Lawns improve the overall value of your home. With a well maintained lawn your home becomes very beautiful and very appealing. Grass or any other plants in the lawns need regular fertilization to retain its vigor. Contrary to the misconception that fertilizing your lawn is quite expensive, in reality, it is very cost effective if you select the right fertilizer and apply it at the right time. Fertilizer which has these nutrients, nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus is the best.

Benefits of Lawn Fertilization

1. Healthy Lawn.

Fertilizing your grass improves the general health of your grass. The roots will be very strong therefore making the grass lush and healthy.

2. Helps Prevent Soil Erosion.

Fertilization of the lawn makes the grass grow densely and strong covering the entire soil which helps to prevent and/or reduce cases of soil erosion which usually takes away the fertile top soil that makes plants grow very well.

3. Helps Prevent Disease, Pests and Insects.

map of orland park lawn fertilization area

Properly fertilized grass grows very healthy which helps it tolerate and overcome competing pests, diseases and insects. The lawn also becomes more resistant to harsh unfavorable climatic conditions.

4. Prevent Weeds.

Weed seeds usually germinate when exposed to sunlight. When grass grows well and densely the canopy will cover the soil providing shade to the soil, blocking direct sunlight to the soil, preventing weeds from germinating. By making it a habit of regularly fertilizing your lawn, you will have higher quality turf. High quality turf will naturally out compete and beat weeds. It is also very cost effective to fertilize your lawn because there will be no more buying of expensive herbicides to get rid of weeds once they have grown.