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A well-kept, healthy looking lawn greatly improves the look of your home, making it feel inviting. However, when the lawn lacks fertilization, it begins to lose its appeal and vigor.

As a homeowner, you should take proper care of your lawn by regularly watering, mowing, pest controlling and fertilization. Here are some of the benefits of lawn fertilization.

The Chemical composition of fertilizers

Lawn fertilizers often have three main elements which include Nitrogen, Potash, and Phosphate. Each of these elements serves a specific purpose in ensuring that you have a healthy lawn. Nitrogen helps in the growth of thick blades, phosphates promotes the growth of roots and Potash aids in the development of the root system. This combination ensures that the grass grows thicker, faster and healthier.

Reduces the chances of Weed Growth

Using fertilizer in your yard makes the grass thick and healthy therefore reducing the weed activity. Thick healthy grass tends to be naturally resistant to the growth of weeds since their roots and thick lawn act by blocking the weeds traction.

Reduce Mud in the yard

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Fertilizing your lawn initiates the growth of new root systems which in turn will need more water as a result taking in the excess moisture on the ground. Since strong grass takes in water more quickly, their action will reduce the muddy patches that often result due to too much moisture that results after rainfall.

Like all living plants, the grass in your lawn needs food and water to stay healthy. While you can take care of your lawn by regularly watering it, it also need to get some nutrients to grow thicker, greener and stronger. That’s where fertilizers come in. Fertilization ensures that your lawn gets the nutrients that it will need to withstand family activity, heat, and drought.