Vole DamageVole Damage

Vole Damage is often mistaken for mole damage. A key difference in the two is that where mole damage is the pushing up of dirt into mounds along the surface, vole damage is primarily found in the thatch layer and does not involve the dirt but rather the thatch. Typically, voles are brown or gray, though many color variations exist. Voles have beady eyes, small ears, blunt head and short legs. It digs shallow tunnels in the thatch, creating maze-like tunnels in the turf. This damage is commonly seen early in spring, as Voles venture out for food during the winter months when snow is still covering the turf. As they burrow through the thatch, these mazes are created. Because they are always subject to predators, they must use this snow cover to protect themselves from hawks and other predators. Repairing this is fairly easy. Lightly raking the excess thatch up and dropping some seed into those area during the spring will quickly repair any unsightly damage.